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Breath and mindful movement, connection with yourself and with your body. Yoga is a practice with limitless benefits, impacting our physical, mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing. As one moves through their pregnancy, these benefits can be harnessed to not only ease the day to day discomforts and anxieties that are common within pregnancy, but to help prepare for birth itself.

Physical movement  to ease specific areas of discomfort during pregnancy and promote optimal fetal positioning during labor

Practice of various breathing techniques to oxygenate and energize during pregnancy and promote calm and relaxation during labor

Practice of positive affirmations throughout pregnancy and the ability to stay present and trust the body's natural ability during labor

Practice of pelvic floor awareness during pregnancy to promote the ability to consciously and continuously release and soften during labor 

Being able to provide my birth clients with the added benefits of private yoga is a beautiful compliment to the birth support I offer as a doula. Not only does it allow space for further practice of physical techniques that will be beneficial during labor, but it also creates an increased sense of trust and connection, which in turn benefits the progression of labor.

Yoga a la carte
Prenatal yoga based on vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha or yin teachings curated to your specific preferences and abilities
1 x 60 minute private yoga session - $80
4 x 60 minute private yoga sessions - $300
Calgary Birth Doula Chestermere Birth Doula - Blue Hazel Birth Services - Prenatal Yoga - Pregnant woman lying on a bolster and block in a reclined posture
Teaching Credentials - Lindsey van der Lee
CYT 250 - Passage Studios, Calgary, AB
25 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Mamata Yoga, Edmonton, AB
+ Advanced Sequencing Training - Passage Studios, Calgary, AB 
+ How to Modify Postnatal Yoga Asana - Mamata Yoga, Edmonton, AB
+ How to Prepare for Labor and Birth With Movement and Breath - Mamata Yoga, Edmonton, AB
+ How to Prepare the Body For Conception - Mamata Yoga, Edmonton, AB
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