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Hi, I'm Lindsey...

and I am passionate about birth

Lindsey Profile_2.jpg

I'm the doula behind Blue Hazel Birth Services, 

and supporting people through their birth journey has been a dream of mine for over a decade. 


I have a deep passion for nurturing and empowering those around me through challenging transitions, and my love of all things birth has combined with this to lead me into a career as a birth doula. 

I believe that birth is a sacred experience for the birthing family and my role as your birth doula is always to support and empower you through your experience - this means creating and holding space for you, to your level of comfort with the birth experience. It  means never overshadowing or replacing the connection that is built during the birth experience - only ever heightening it.

I believe that all birthing people and their partners have the right to support through their birth experience, should they desire it.

This means that I support both couples and single birthers of all backgrounds without discrimination.

No matter where you are on your journey towards birth, you are welcome here.

Profile picture of Calgary birth doula Chestermere Birth Doula Lindsey van der Lee; DONA certified birth doula
Lindsey van der Lee (she/her)
Birth Doula - CD(DONA)
Yoga Instructor - CYT 250
P. Eng. - B. Sc. Chem. Engg.
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